At WhatsGoingOn our job is brand strategy and the implementation of associated communication missions.

For a few hours, a few days, a few weeks, we provide our clients with the professional organization and the productions of a communication service of a large company.

Our organization is agile, ultra connected, relies on responsiveness with a very precise understanding of our clients’ objectives.

We apply methodologies, use technologies from our past experiences in large business and communication groups.
We deliver consistent and smart strategic thinking, artistic direction and project management.

Existing service providers, independent creators, consultants, business experts, depending on the specific needs of each mission and the budget allocated, the best actors constitute your team.
Our ambition is to allow entrepreneurs, brands, products, events to be known, recognize, sometimes reborn ...
By giving strength to their message, by reaching their audiences more sustainably and effectively, we want to make us as profitable as possible.

We live in a time of tremendous, though complex, communication.
We believe that the challenge of our business is to tame this complexity and make it a decisive competitive advantage.
Whatever the size of the company and its means, we think that there is always a suitable solution to touch the right target with the right message.

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